No Remorse

This is the last mission for the Allied campaign. Your objective is to wipe out the Soviet presence completely and kill Stalin. For the first part of this mission you’ll need to use Tanya and a couple of Spies to sneak into a small Soviet base and steal some funds.

Move Tanya out of the way of the explosions or you’ll lose this game within the first few seconds. Bring her to the west until you reach the river, killing all any enemy soldiers along the way, and then north to the small base. When the coast is clear bring the Spies along with her. Tanya can destroy the Power Plants which should disable the Tesla Coil. You’ll still need to watch out for the Flame Turrets. Bring the Spies to the Silos to steal the funds. You’ll then be given reinforcements to start your own base.

Establish your base near the ore fields and then build at least 4 Ore Trucks, keeping a few units around your base to defend against attacks.

I found the easiest way to beat this mission was to focus on defending my base until I had a group of 6+ Longbows to snipe down the Soviet Construction Yards. There’s one in a smaller base to the south and one in the large base on the western edge. With the construction yards out of the way you can then snipe out their war factories, barracks, tesla coils and any other buildings you can spot. You’ll need the Tech Center and GPS unlocked to see where their buildings are located.

Once you’ve caused enough damage send in your tanks to sweep through the bases and finish the job. Congratulations on completing the Allied campaign!

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