You begin with 2 Migs, 3 Yaks, 4 Heavy Tanks and a convoy of 3 Trucks. The Trucks are pretty weak so keep them away from enemy fire. They’ll follow the unit that’s the furtherest back so you may want to keep one Tank back a little to protect the convoy. To win the mission you must bring at least one Conoy Truck to the western edge of the map.

This mission is actually pretty easy if you take your time. Wait for the Spy Plane and use it to scout ahead, then use a combination of air support or tanks to deal with the next threat.

You have a few thousand credit to replace your Migs or Yaks so don’t worry if you lose one or two of them. If you’re careful you should have no trouble bringing all 3 Convoy Trucks to the western edge to complete the mission.

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