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The Book Shop

The Book Shop can be found west from the Whirling-in-Rags. Outside you’ll find the girl Annette. You can speak to her about the books and making deductions. Sharing deductions with her will give you 5 XP.

Inside the Book Shop you can browse and purchase books, or buy a Map of the town for 90 cents. You can try to steal the map if you want but there’s a chance the shopkeeper will spot you.

In the back room you can inspect the photos for 5 XP and the fireplace for another 5 XP. Talking to Kim about a few things will also net you another 5 XP.

Take the Production Schedule and use it on the mainframe. When you press Play you’ll connect with a woman from the East-Insulindian Repeater Station. Ask her about everything and then take the stairs up to the second level.

On the top floor you’ll meet the Novelty Dicemaker. Talk to her about a few things for a maximum of 15 XP. When you ask her about dice you’ll be given a pair of Dice but if you fail the Hand/Eye Coordination check you’ll only end up with one.

There’s not much more to do here but make sure you check out the crime fiction section of the bookstore for 5 XP before you leave.

Capeside Apartments

To the north-west of the Whirling-in-Rags you’ll find the Capeside Apartments. To reach it go west from the book shop, north and then east down an alley. You should be in the area behind the yard.

The first time you arrive there should be a smoker on the balcony. Try to have a chat with him. If it goes well he’ll tell you where you can find the key to the apartment building so you can let yourself in. Look under the stone by the door to find the Key to Apartment Building.

Enter the apartments and knock on the door to the far left. This is the Smoker’s apartment. He’s not home at the moment but Kim suggests coming back after 21:00 the next day. When you come back at the appointed time you can interview the smoker and his friend Sunday.

Explore the other rooms and outside area to find the Real Estate Agent, Cleaning Lady and a girl called Cindy.

Outside the apartments on the west side you’ll notice a sail boat docked at the jetty. A lady should be nearby. This is Joyce Messier, a negotiator for the Wild Pines company. Joyce has a lot of information about what’s going on in the world. There’s a limit to what she’ll say until after you show her your badge which you can’t find until after day 3.

Once Joyce trusts you she’ll give you background information on the victim and a possible motive for the murder.

Roy’s Nest

Follow the road south of the Whirling-in-Rags to water lock. The building at the end of the road is Roy’s Nest. This is where he sells all of his junk. Head inside and have a look at what he has for sale. You’ll be able to sell items you don’t want to him as well.

Ask Roy if he’s seen your gun. He doesn’t know where it’s located now but it was pawned. You can track it down after Wednesday when the water lock is repaired.

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