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Your first dialogue will be with yourself. It will soon become evident that you’re drunk. The sound of a car outside will eventually wake you up.

As you come back to consciousness you’ll realize you’re in a hotel room of the Whirling-In-Rags. You have no memory of who you are or what you’re doing here.

You can press TAB at any time to see all of the objects you can interact with. Explore all the objects in the room and go through all of the dialogue options. You never know what might spark a new thought for your Thought Cabinet. Going through certain dialogue options will also give you XP.

Pick up your clothes and put them on. Stop the fan first so you can grab your tie. If you have high enough Perception you’ll notice the Room Keys in your pants. Check your inventory and have a look at the clothes items. Most of them will give you buffs or minuses to one or more of your skills.

Walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. You’ll be given an avatar and a new thought will be available (Guillaume Le Million). There is another Room Key in the bathroom, either behind the mirror or in a small cabinet. Once again you’ll need to pass a Perception check to notice it.

Walk out to the lounge area. There’s an Empty Cassette Tape on the floor. Picking this up will open up some dialogue options later.

Examine the window and go through the thought options. If you pass the checks you’ll discover that you threw one of your shoes through the window. It’s probably on the balcony outside. Leave your room and go out the door at the bottom of the walkway. Grab your other Green Snakeskin Shoe for 10 XP. Now you have a pair!

Go back inside and talk to the Disco Dancer, Klaasje, if you want. She will give you a few clues as to who you are and what you’ve been up to.

If you want to become a smoker you can pick up the Cigarette Butt that Klaasje left behind. When you’re done head downstairs to the cafeteria.

The first time you talk to Garte, the cafeteria manager, you may not have a good conversation with him. You’ll need to pass an Empathy check to get anything useful out of him.

Near to the entrance (on the left side) you’ll find your detective buddy Kim Kitsuragi. He’ll be with you for most of the game, acting as a voice of reason to some of your wackier ideas.

Talk to Kim about everything and by the end of the conversation you should have three more tasks, Inspect Victim’s Body, Interview Cafeteria Manager and Report Your Badge Missing.

Go back and speak to Garte. With Kim here he’ll be a little more talkative. If you ask him about the smell of liquor you’ll get a little bit closer to remembering your name. Ask him all the questions about the murder and you’ll find out the Sylvie apparently made the initial call but has left work.

After the interview Garte will ask about paying the tab and compensation for damages. You can opt to run out on him for 5 XP. When you talk to him about it next he’ll feel so bad that he’ll reduce the price by 50 Real. Going through this conversation will trigger the Lonesome Long Way Home or Hobocop thoughts, depending on where you want to live.

Lastly have a chat with the old lady in the wheelchair. You may have bumped into her already if you tried to run out without paying your bill. Her name is Lena. If you answer all of her questions correctly she’ll give you a Kind Green Ape Pen.

After going through all the dialogue options with Lena she’ll tell you to talk to someone in the know so you can figure out what’s going on. This triggers the Get a Reality Lowdown task.

There’s a sleeping dockworker in the corner. You can steel his Magnesium, 5 Real and even his ID Card if you pass the Interfacing checks. Leave the cafeteria by going through the door to the left.

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