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Finding Your Badge

To find your badge you’ll need to wait until the water lock is repaired on Day 3. Once it’s fixed you’ll be able to close the lock and walk across to the other side. Follow the tyre tracks to the north to find the remains of a car crash. Examine the cabin but you won’t be able to search it properly until the tide rolls out.

Wait on the swings with Kim for a few hours and then examine the cabin again. This time you’ll find your Badge and a Jacket.

Finding Your Gun

Just like with the Badge you can gather information about your gun but you won’t be able to find it until after the lock is fixed on Day 3.

Roy in the pawn shop will tell you that the gun was pawned and sold but he doesn’t know where it is now. To track it down you’ll need to speak to the Union boss Evrart Claire. He’ll only help you once you help him with his problems. This involves opening an apartment door for him and getting two signatures. The way you complete these quests is up to you.

Once you’ve completed the quests for Evrart talk to him again about the gun. He’ll tell you who has it and where to find them, the abandoned boardwalk across the lock.

After the 3rd day close the lock and walk across. Head to the boardwalk late at night, after 22:00, to find an old lady called The Pigs. She collects police paraphernalia and has your gun. After the conversation you can either collect your Gun or throw it away. I highly recommend keeping your gun because it will make dealing with the murder suspects much easier.

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