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Once you’re outside the Whirling-in-Rags you’ll a see a Gardener just to your left. You can talk to her about the locations of various places and also ask for her Yellow Gardening Gloves. These will come in handy when trying to deal with the corpse later.

Take a look at the broken fence to the north. If you examine it you may be able to figure out what happened. Head through the gate to the backyard.

Two kids are playing around back here and one of them is throwing rocks at the hanging man. You can attempt to interview both of them but you probably won’t get very far initially.

Take a look at the body and try to examine it. If you’re perceptive you’ll pass the necessary checks to notice a few clues on the ground.

Getting the body down is quite difficult and you probably won’t be able to do it right away. Instead take a look at the yellow trash bin to the left. It’s locked but you can either ask Garte for a key or force it open by using a Prybar.

Head back past the Gardener and take a look at the Coupris Kineema. This belongs to Kim. Take a look inside and grab all of the tools. You’ll find a Prybar, Chaincutters and Flashlight.

At some stage you’ll notice your Badge is missing. You can call the station from here to notify them of your missing badge. At some stage you’ll also realize that your jacket and gun are missing too.

If you got Sylvia’s number from Garte you can use the phone to give her a call. She won’t be too responsive at the moment but just try your best.

Head back into the Whirling-in-Rags and ask Garte for the Rubbish Bin Key. Walk out to the backyard and open the bin. Inside you’ll find Jeans and a Shirt belonging to the victim, a Damaged Ledger and a Yellow-Man Mug.

Examine all the items, especially the Ledger which belongs to you. Talk to Kim about the case and decide on a name. He seems to like “The Hanged Man”.

If you’re perceptive you’ll notice a hidden entrance to a shed behind some roofing material in the north-east corner of the yard. Once inside have a look around to find some of Cuno’s belongings.

The ladder will give you access to the harbour but you’ll need to make a difficult jump to get there. If you make the jump you’ll also find your RCM Patrol Cloak along the way. For this walkthrough we’ll explore the harbour later. For now we’ll focus on how to get the body down so that it can be properly examined.

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