Level 5 Treasure StoresTreasure/Items

  1. Torch
  2. Gold Coin
  3. Ekkhard Cross
  4. Blue Gem and Mace
  5. Gem of Ages
  6. Dager
  7. Hosen and Armor
  8. Mirror of Dawn
  9. Poison Dart
  10. Rabbits Foot and Gold Coin
  11. Blue Gem and Helmet
  12. Two Poison Darts
  13. VEN Potion
  14. Choker and Corn
  15. Illumulet
  16. Casque of Coif
  17. Staff of Claws
  18. Large Shield
  19. Drumstick and Torch
  20. Two VEN Potions
  21. VEN Potion
  22. Drumstick
  23. Chest with a Blue Magic Box, Cure Poison Potion and FUL Bomb
  24. Blue Gem and DANE Potion
  25. KU Potion

Level 5 Walkthrough

There are plenty of fountains on this level so make sure you fill up your flasks before going further as water is scarce in the deeper levels.

As you continue down the first hall you’ll head into the Treasure Stores. This area is divided into four sections with doors on each side of the room. Tackle one door at a time and you should be OK.

East Door – To the east you’ll find the Staff of Claws. Use this to attack the Coutls and they’ll run away, making it easier to hit them from behind. Press the secret button at H to allow you to proceed further in the large room.

South Door – A Swamp Slime resides behind this door. Watch out for its poison missile attack which can devastate your party. Apart from that it should be easy to take out.

West Door – Behind¬† the west door is the tricky teleportation room. If you can get through it you’ll be rewarded with poison darts, a helmet and a few other knick-knacks.

Dungeon Master HD Level 5 Pit RoomNorth Door РThe north door houses the pit room. I found this easier than the teleportation room.  A few Couatls are here so you may want the Staff of Claws behind the east door before venturing here.

You’ll also find stairs leading down behind the north door but don’t take them. You can go down to have a look but you’ll need to find the stairs leading down in the south west corner of the level to proceed to Level 6.

A secret button here will open the path back to the stairs at the beginning of the level and also to the second set of stairs leading down in the south west that will bring you to the main part of Level 6 – The Riddle Room.