Level 9 Pain RatsTreasure/Items

  1. Scroll
  2. Pendant Feral
  3. Blue Magic Box
  4. Apple and a Torch
  5. Stormring, Torch and Drumstick
  6. A Chest with a Green Gem, Scroll and VI Potion
  7. Rope
  8. Corbamite
  9. Torch
  10. Skeleton Key
  11. Dragon Steak and other food items
  12. Flask and Scroll
  13. RA key
  14. Two VI Potions
  15. Cheese and Corn
  16. Screamer Slice

Level 9 Walkthrough

Dungeon Master Level 9 VexirkAfter descending to Level 9 you will appear to be stuck in a small section. The wall at location A is illusory so you can just step right through it. Put an item on either side so you can find it again. There are Pain Rats and fireball casting Vexirks on this level as well as some nasty puzzles.

Head east first and press the button at B to open the secret chamber in this area.

Head west now and watch out for the spinner at C which will turn you around 180 degrees. Around the corner is a fountain where you can fill up your water skins.

Press the button at D to open the chamber to the north for the Stormring which can cast the Lightning spell.. At E you’ll see a lever by a door with a chest on the other side. The lever will open a pit under the chest, dropping it down to the level below. Pull the lever again to close the pit. Climb down the stairs at F and take the gem out of the chest. Head back up the stairs and then up the stairs at G. You can apparently drop the gem down the pit to open the door or just drop down yourself and you’ll be on the other side of the door. The button here opens the door.

Dungeon Master Level 9 Fireball RoomAt H you’ll come to the Fireball Room. Every time you step on a pressure plate a fireball will be released. Place items on all of the pressure plates so you can walk across without triggering the fireballs.

Press the secret button at I to open the wall to the west. Inside this section you’ll find the Skeleton Key for this level. The Skeleton Keys are used for gaining access to the central stairway from each level. You can find the central stairway by using a Skeleton Key at location L.

The answer to the riddle at K is the Corbamite found at location 8.

Make sure you pick up the RA Key at location 13 before proceeding to Level 10: Zooom.