Level 13 Lord ChaosTreasure/Items

  1. Flamitt and Hellion

Level 13 Walkthrough

After you’ve been to Level 7 to find the Firestaff and Level 14 to fuse it with the Power Gem you’re ready to face Lord Chaos! If not go back and do these things now. Lord Chaos can’t be harmed by any ordinary means so you’ll need the infused Firestaff.

How to Defeat Lord Chaos

Dungeon Master HD Lord ChaosLord Chaos is one nasty dude and will wipe out your entire party with a single lightning or fireball. He also has Demons and Fire Elementals fighting on his side. Luckily none of the monsters will follow you beyond the main arena. If you stay in the halls you’re safe as long as you can dodge all the fireballs.

Use magic to whittle down the Demons and destroy as many as you can before going into the main arena. If you can’t get into the main arena without being fireballed to death use the Invisibility spell on your party to enter unnoticed.

Once the arena is more or less clear of Demons you should be ready to trap Lord Chaos. Use the Flux Cage spell with the Firestaff to set up a force field in the square in front of your party. You need to surround Lord Chaos with this Flux Cages. When he’s trapped use the Fuse spell while standing in front of him to win the game.