Level 2 is a fairly easy level with only Mummies and Screamers to contend with. Practice your spells with all of your heroes as much as possible. The Light Spell and Health and Stamina Potions can be cast by just about everyone.

Level 2 Map Welcome


  1. Club
  2. Dagger, Corn, Apple and Scroll
  3. Falchion
  4. Gold Key
  5. Torch, Dagger, Arrow, Elven Doublet and Emerald Key
  6. Topaz Key
  7. Leather Boots and Gold Key
  8. Rock
  9. Iron Key and Ghi Trousers
  10. Falchion
  11. Torch and Leather Boots
  12. Solid Key
  13. Gold Key
  14. Gold Key
  15. Boulder
  16. Apple and Gold Key
  17. Apple
  18. Iron Key
  19. Key of B
  20. Rock
  21. Drumstick, Leather Pants, 3 Flasks and 2 scrolls
  22. Apple, 2 Cheese and Torch
  23. Gold Key and Throwing Star
  24. Copper Coin
  25. Torch
  26. Chest with 2 YA Potions and a Scroll
  27. Falchion
  28. Apple
  29. Full Waterskin
  30. Throwing Star
  31. Blue Magic Box
  32. Flask and Torch
  33. Throwing Star
  34. Buckler
  35. Chest with Food, Blue Magic Box, Flask and Scroll
  36. Torch

Level 2 Walkthrough

Dungeon Master Level 2 MummyYou come down the stairs from Level 1 at the top west side of the map. Turn to the right and open the door for your first battle with a mummy. Press the very obvious secret button for the Falchion.

This level will help you get used to the controls. Casting spells, switching characters, throwing items and striking can get a little chaotic in the midst of battle.

The puzzles on this level are fairly straightforward and not worth repeating here. The level is also fairly linear. It’s a case of finding the keys and moving through into the next section. If you get stuck have a look at the map and item list above to find what you need.

One of the plain wooden doors in the beginning section of the map can be opened by smashing it. This will save you a gold key that you can use later on in one of the deeper levels.

Pressure Plate Puzzle

Dungeon Master Level 2 Pressure Plate PuzzleJust after this plain wooden door is the Pressure Plate Room. There are two iron gates that need to be opened.

Stand just before the first plate and take these steps. Forwards, right, forwards, forwards, left, back, forwards, forwards and back. Now you can step forwards through both of the open gates.

Work your way through the rest of the level, taking out the mummies and screamers along the way until you come to the stairs leading down into Level 3 – Choose Your Fate.