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The Crystal Mine Core is the central area of the Crystal Mines. The area to the east can be explored by dropping down various pits in the Entrance above.  To get down to the Abyss use the Rope or drop down one of the pits or chasms.

Crystal Mine Core Map

Crystal Mine Core Walkthrough

1: Exit to Crystal Mine Entrance

2: Throw something over the pit to the east to land on the pressure plate. This opens eastern circled door and closes the other.

3: Go through the first door, pick up the item from the pressure plate and go through the next door. Grab the Mine Key from the floor.

4: Use the Mine Key to open this door. Press the secret button on the east wall to open the passage to the east.

5: The pits open and close when the spark reaches the receptacle. Pull the first Lever to open the gate. Continue to the west. To make the next bit easier you can place a Shield in front of the spark. Otherwise use speed to make it to the north. Pull the Lever to open the door to the north and hit the Secret Button to open the wall to the south for Secret #3.

6: Exit to Crystal Mine Entrance where you’ll find a Power Gem.

7: Teleporter to the Crystal Mine Entrance. Drop down one of the pits above to reach this area.

8: Teleporter to the Crystal Mine Entrance. Drop down one of the pits above to reach this area.


1: Take the teleporter at 1a to arrive on the western side of the mine at 1b. This gives you access to the items at #12, Crystal Amulet and Antivenom.

2: Drop down from the Crystal Mine Entrance above to find Crystal Greaves and Lock Picks.

3: Press the Secret Button to the north to open this wall. Behind it you’ll find the Tome of Health.

List of Items

1: Crystal Flower
2: Rope
3: Throwing Axe
4: Falconskyre
5: Bear Pelt
6: Food
7: Mudwort
8: Throwing Axe
9: Lightning Bomb
10: Meteor Helm
11: Lightning Bow, Broadhead Arrow x2
12: Crystal Amulet, Antivenom
13: Potion of Resurrection
14: Blooddrop Cap
15: Gold Key
16: Blooddrop Cap
17: Antivenom, Lock Picks
18: Pellets x10

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