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The Archives is composed of 4 smaller dungeons, Follow the Light, Meditation Spire, Water-Filled Rooms and the Archives. It’s inhabited by Giant Spiders, Ice Guardians, Slimes, Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Warriors. Inside you’ll find a clue to opening the gates of the Cemetery.

Archives Map

Archives Walkthrough

Follow the Light

Stairs (1) up to the Ruins of Desarune. The Follow the Light puzzle is explained on that page. Teleport the Spider to the level above by stepping on the pressure plate. Take the stairs up and drop the Spider onto the central pressure plate. Once the puzzle has been solved a wall will open to the pressure plates beyond. This is Secret #1 where you’ll find a Full Helmet.

Meditation Spire

Meditate on the same structure in the Ruins of Desarune and you’ll be teleported here for Secret #2. On top of the spire you’ll find a Scroll of Dispel. Kill the Ice Guardians and grab all the loot before teleporting back to the Ruins of Desarune.

Water-Filled Room

Drop down into one of the pits in the north of the Ruins of Desarune where you find one of the Iron Keys and you’ll land in this room. Press the Button at Secret #4 to open a passage to the room to the south. Inside you’ll find a Pearl Shield.

Take the teleporter at (3) to return to the Ruins of Desarune.


After completing the Ruins of Desarune you’ll take the stairs down at (4). The stairs to the east lead to the Sewers underneath the Hamlet of Stormbreach. For now make your way around to the storage area (5).

Stand on the first tile of the room with no pressure plate and follow these instructions. “TE. UHU NA. PALA. UHU NA. PALA NA. AR E. FAAM KO. LAM KO.” This is translated to “Walk Right 1. Walk Forward 2. Turn Left 1. Walk Forward 2. Turn Left 2. Walk Left 1. Turn Right 3. Walk Back 3.”

This opens the door to the Storage, Secret #5, where you’ll find the Dragonbreath Revolver, Potion of Strength and Lock Picks x 2.

At (6) you’ll find a Tome of Energy. When you pick it up you’ll fall down to a small part of the Lexiconary below. Grab any loot down there and then take the teleporter back up.

When you are ready take the stairs down (7) to the Lexiconary below.

List of Items

1: Broadhead Arrow x 2
2: Blooddrop Cap
3: Falconskyre
4: Note “Follow the Light”
5: Full Helmet
6: Fire Bomb x 3, Crystal Shard of Healing
7: Skull, Cheese
8: Plate Cuirass, Lock Picks
9: Etherweed
10: Crossbow Quarrel x 2
11: Blooddrop Cap
12: Rogue Pants
13: Pearl Shield, Frost Bomb x 2, Broadhead Arrow x 3
14: Crystal Flower

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