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Dead Sailor’s Cave is a small catacomb underneath Shipwreck Beach. You’ll need to make your way through here to find the Horn of Summoning. You can also take a small detour for the third secret of Shipwreck Beach.

Dead Sailor’s Cave Map

Dead Sailor’s Cave Walkthrough

1: Exit to Shipwreck Beach

2: Pressure plate puzzle. Place an item on the plate in front of you and then press the button on the wall to open the gate.

3: Iron Key (3a), used to open the door (3b).

4: The Horn of Summoning can be found on the altar. The stairs lead back up to Shipwreck Beach.

5: Press the button in the alcove (5a) to open a passage to the stairs (5b) leading to a secret in Shipwreck Beach.


Item List

1: Lock Picks
2: Healing Potion, Scroll of Shock
3: Flintlock, Pellets
4: Leather Boots


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