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The River Tunnels are located under the Forgotten River and consist of a series of interconnected rooms. Getting into the Shrine of Balance counts as this area’s one and only secret.

River Tunnels Map

River Tunnels Walkthrough

The Cache

The Cache is a storage room guarded by Ratlings. One of the Ratlings drops a Gold Key when killed. It can be used to open one of the four treasuries. Lying on the floor in this area you’ll also find a piece of Bread and 2 x Mudwort.

Thief’s Cache: Lock Picks x 2, Crookhorn Longbow, Broadhead Arrows x 2, Speed Potion

Conjurer’s Cache: Archmage’s Mantle, Orb of Radiance, Energy Potion

Paladin’s Cache: Fireblade, Heavy Shield, Healing Potion

Snake Charmer’s Cache: Serpent Bracer, Scroll of Poison Shield, Rope, Antivenom

The Hub

The Hub is a place where you can fastravel from here to Shipwreck Beach, Keelbreach Bog, the Cemetery and the Hamlet of Stormbreach. Only the Windgate to Shipwreck Beach will be available the first time you visit. Once you reach the other areas and unlock the Windgates with the Hub Keys the other Windgates in The Hub will be available.

Shrine of Balance

This shrine can be accessed by casting the Balance rune in the center of the courtyard in front of Castle Nex. Like the other Shrines place 4 Power Gems on the altar to form the Essence of Balance. Take the Windgate in the eastern courtyard to be teleported back to the courtyard.

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