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Barren Desert Walkthrough

1: You’ll teleport to this location after going through the portal in the Ceremonial Chamber. The desert is filled with Zombies and a few Magma Golems. After killing the first Magma Golem it will drop a Power Gem. After killing the second Magma Golem it will drop a Meteor Plate and Gold Key.

2: Teleporter back to Sleet Island.

Buried Treasure

1: Dig in this location for the Silver Scepter of Ischochronos, a Potion of Dexterity and a Potion of Resurrection.

2: Dig in this location three times to be given a Relic. It doesn’t do anything but you will be rewarded with an achievement.

List of Items

1: Serpent Blade
2: Crystal Flower
3: Plate Greaves
4: Scaled Cloak
5: Pellets (10)
6: Pellets (10)
7: Crystal Flower

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