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The Herder’s Den is a cave system under the Keelbreach Bog. A green haze fills the cavern. Once you open the gate to the north you’ll be locked in until you kill the Fungal Growths located around the cavern.

Herder’s Den Map

Herder’s Den Walkthrough

1: Entrance from Keelbreach Bog.

2: This chest is a Monster. When you try to open the lid it attacks. Kill it for the Mine Key, Map and Battleaxe. The key opens the gate to the east.

3: Runemaster’s Trial. Look at the pressure plates as a rune board and press the plates down that correspond to the spell that’s being cast. So for the fireball spell weigh down the three plates on the east side and the central plate on the south. Repeat the spells for the Ice Shards and Lightning Bolt.

Once you match the spells the east gate will be opened. Inisde you’ll find the Serpent Staff. This is needed to enter the Pyramid of Umas.

4: Herder’s Den. Once you step through this gate it will seal you inside until you defeat the Herder Boss. Inside you’ll find 6 Herder Spore Shrooms that pump out Herder’s every 5 seconds. Once you kill one it will leave behind a large poison cloud. Kill them quickly but leave one remaining if you want to farm Herders for experience or food.

Once you’ve defeated the boss the gate leading back to the entrance will open. Clear out any remaining Herders and you’ll be free to explore the room.

5: Hub Key for the Keelbreach Bog as well as a Crystal Shard of Healing and 3 Fire Bombs.

6: Power Gem!


1: Press the button on the north wall to open the nearby gate. Inside you’ll find and Iron Basinet and Antivenom.

List of Items

1: Pickaxe
2: Timepiece
3: Serpent Staff
4: Pellets x 10
5: Skull
6: Pellets x 10
7: Blackmoss
8: Pellets x 10
9: Lock Picks
10: Transmuter’s Potion Recipe, Etherweed, Mudwort

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