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The Cemetery can be found by follow the path east of Sleet Island. It contains 2 buried treasures, a power gem and the path down to the Wormbound Catacombs below. There are no secrets in this area.

Inside the Cemetery you’ll find Twigroots and Zombies. The many headstones dotted around the place have inscriptions on them. If you dig up the tile in front of them you may find a random item or a Zombie.

Cemetery Map

Cemetery Walkthrough

1: Exit to Sleet Island

2: The Letters detailing the path of the Pilgrim give you clues to pushing the Philosopher’s Stone. Push the stone North (to the frozen tundras), Center, West (setting sun), Center, South (path back home), Center, North (star of the north), Center, North (continues along the path). The gate to the cemetery will open.

3: Teleporter to the Hub. The key is located further north.

4: Rotating Pit Puzzle. The Buttons on the west rotate one of the pits clockwise and the Buttons on the east rotate a second pit clockwise. You’ll need to make your way through them to the Lever that opens the gate to the south leading to the Power Gem.

5: Lever that opens gate to the Power Gem.

6: Power Gem and Sack with the Hub Key.

7: Windgate Puzzle. Stand on the pressure plate and three windgates will open around you for a short period of time. Equip throwing weapons and throw them through the windgates as they open. The gate at the end of the bridge will open, allowing you to explore the area beyond. This is an optional area.

8: Plate Puzzle. The path is blocked by a row of pits. To close a pit you’ll need to break the urns so the spectral relay can get to its destination. Thrown weapons can destroy two of the urns but the third is out of reach. Stand on the pressure plate to change the location of the windgate so that it’s between the arches. Throw an item through the windgate and it will hit the third urn.

9: Stairs down to the Wormbound Catacombs.

10: Exit from Orul’s Crypt.

Buried Treasure

1: Two notes in the Pyramid of Umas will give you a hint to a chest buried one tile north and west of the force field. Dig up this spot to find a Bracelet of Tirin and 5 Cannon Balls.

2: Look at the headstones of the Riddle family. Putting together all the capital letters the message will read “BETWEEN HAARO ERHEP”. Dig between the two graves of Haaro and Erhep to find a Gold Key, Letter from Jakon Riddle and the Rites of the Moon.

List of Items

1: Crystal Flower
2: Pellets x 50
3: Skull
4: Boneblade (Behind a barrier)
5: Healing Potion
6: Frost Bomb
7: Broadhead Arrow x 2
8: Antivenom
9: Pellets x 10
10: Falconskyre, Shovel, Food
11: Horned Fruit, Food
12: Recipe: Necromancer’s Potion
13: Food x 3
14: Ethereal Blade
15: Skull
16: Machete, Round Shield

B: Blooddrop Cap
Bl: Blackmoss
F: Falconskyre

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