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To the north of the Cyrstal Mines you’ll find the Hamlet of Stormbreach and once inside you can unlock another exit to Twigroot Forest to the east. The mines descend two levels below this one. Going down through the Core and then the Abyss. Some areas of the Core can only be reached by falling down the pits around Point #2 and #3.

You’ll need to make your way past a few puzzles before finding the Mine Key and descending further. You’ll come back up in the southwest to pick up the Power Gem and open up the shortcut.

Crystal Mine Entrance Map

Crystal Mine Entrance Walkthrough

1: Exit to Hamlet of Stormbreach

2: Pit Puzzle. You need to open the door to the south by pulling the Lever to the north. Press the South Button and then the East Button. This gives you access to pull the Lever to the north. Press the West Button and the path to the south will be clear.

3: Press the Button here and a magical bridge appears to the south, leading to the Crystal of Life.

4: Shoot an arrow, or something similar, onto the pressure plate far to the north. A spark will travel south. Quickly run back and to the side of the door so the spark can travel past you to the south. When the spark hits the receptacle the door at #5 will open.

5: This door opens once the spark from the north hits the receptacle.

6: Simulacrum. The force fields in the east room mimic the location of the philosopher’s stones in the west room. Move the stones into the places shown, c, d, e and f, to free up the Button and Lever. The Button opens the gate to the Lever and the Lever opens the gate to the Mine Key.

7: Mine Entrance. Use the Mine Key from #6.

8: Stairs down to Crystal Mine Core

9: Stairs down to Crystal Mine Core. You’ll come up this way to pick up the Power Gem.

10: Power Gem.

11: Button to create a magic bridge which is a shortcut back to the main part of this level.


1: Press the Secret Button to reveal a magic bridge leading to the west. On the other side you’ll find a Crystal Shard of Protection and a teleporter which takes you to the enclosed area to the northwest.

2: Press the Secret Button to reveal a magic bridge over the gap to the south. Inside the chest you’ll find Meteor Gauntlets.

3: Press the Secret Button on the east wall here to open up the passage to the east which leads to the Twigroot Forest.

List of Items

1: Full Helmet, Blooddrop Cap
2: Pellets x50, Cannonball x10
3: Blooddrop Cap
4: Falconskyre
5: Pellets x10
6: Cannonball x5
7: Crystal Shard of Protection
8: Pellets x20, Poison Bomb, Broadhead Arrow x2
9: Etherweed, Blooddrop Cap x4
10: Crystal Boots
11: Lock Picks
12: Scroll of Meteor Storm
13: Mine Key
14: Crossbow, Crossbow Quarrel x3, Cannonball x5, Energy Potion
15: Antivenom, Food
16: Falconskyre, Blackmoss
17: Blackmoss, Pellets x10
18: Recipe: Crystals

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