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Stand in front of the castle entrance, in the center point of the four statues where you placed the 4 Essences. Cast the center rune from your spellbook and you’ll be teleported to the secret shrine of balance. Place the 4 Power Gems on the table to get the Essence of Balance.

Go back to the Hub in the north of the Forgotten River and you’ll notice the sealed door is now open. Head through the passage and down the stairs to the Trickster’s Lair.

Trickster’s Lair

From the stairs (1) make your way south to the Altar of Balance (2). Place the Essence of Balance on the Altar and the Trickster will appear behind you.

The Trickster will use everything at his disposal, including closing gate, turning on teleporters and sending fireballs flying around the room. Once you defeat him he’ll reveal his true form, the Island Master.

The Island Master is a very difficult boss and has the Mirror Image spell to clone himself multiple times. These clones don’t have a lot of health but can cast all the spells that the Island Master can cast. He also casts magic shield which you’ll need to break through before you can cause any actual damage. If you take too long destroying the magic shield he will just cast it again.

The Island Master and his clones can cast many powerful offensive spells. You’ll need to dance around all of these ranged attacks as you try to do damage. Killing off the clones quickly will reduce the number of attacks you need to dodge and help you to focus on the real Island Master.

When the Island Master has been defeated he’ll drop the Wizard’s Virge, the Master Key that opens every door in the game and the Island Master’s Testament. As it turns out the Island Master was looking for a replacement and you’ve passed the test!

True Ending

Return to Castle Nex and use the Master Key to unlock the center portal. Go through and enjoy the final cutscene. Congratulations on finding and completing the true ending of Legend of Grimrock 2!

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