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The Lexiconary is the lowest area of the Ruins of Desarune. There’s 5 secrets to find as well as one Power Gem. To access the Power Gem you’ll need to find the 4 figurines scattered around the level. Place them in the correct niche and the gate to the Power Gem will open.

Once you’re done with this area you have a few different options. You could head back to the Cemetery now that you have the clue to open the gate, or go West from the Archives and enter the Sewers.

Lexiconary Map

Lexiconary Walkthrough

1: You are dropped down to this room when you pick up the Tome of Energy in the Archives above.

2: Entrance to the Archives.

3: You need to place the Figurines in the correct location to open the door to the north with the Power Gem. The Figurines are found throughout this level. NW – Ogre Figurine, NE – Snail Figurine, SE – Skeleton Figurine, SW – Crowern Figurine.

4: Door opened by a Round Key dropped by a Spider in this area.

5: To open the door place the appropriate items in the niches. This is a Rock/Paper/Scissors type game. Place a Sword-like weapon in the “Scroll” alcove, a Scroll in the “Rock” alcove and a Rock in the “Sword” alcove. The door will open and inside you’ll find the Ogre Figurine.

6: Push the Button on the wall to the south and throw an item into the teleporter from the north. It should land on a pressure plate in the room to the east and open the gate to the Crowern Figurine to the west.

7: Teleporter to the room Secret #4 to the north. Kill the Mimics and one of them will drop an Ornate Key.

8: The Crossing. Place or shoot items onto pressure plates a and b. Move the stones to the positions shown at d and e. Stand on top of e and shoot an item to land on pressure plate c. The third stone will unlock and you can build a bridge across the gap to reach the Skeleton Figurine.

9: Path of the Eagle. Look down and follow the lowest trench to make your way across to the Snail Figurine.

Place the four Figurines in area 3 to open the gate to the Power Gem. Once you’ve explored this area as much as you want head back up the stairs to the Archives and take the western exit to the Sewers.


1: Push the Secret Button on the wall to open the wall to the secret.

2: Push the Button to open the passage to the north.

3: Push the Button to open up a wall to the room with the pressure plates.

4: When you step into the teleporter at 7 you’ll be taken this this room to the north which counts as a secret. Kill the Mimics for loot.

5: Press the Button to open the wall to the west.

List of Items

1: Blackmoss, Food, Shuriken, Pellets x 10
2: Energy Potion, Healing Potion
3: Lock Picks, Tome of Fire, Crystal Shard of Recharging
4: Crystal Shard of Protection
5: Ogre Figurine
6: Longsword
7: Lightning Rod
8: Pellets x 10
9: Crowern Figurine
10: Morning Star, Lizard on a Stick
11: Round Key
12(Entire Room): Ornate Key, Neck Chain, Broadhead Arrow, Rock, Fire Bomb, Healing Potion, Lock Picks, Shoes, Energy Potion, Tattered Shirt
13: Blooddrop Cap
14: Plate Gloves, Dart x 3
15: Falconskyre
16: Mirror Chestplate, Crossbow Quarrel x 3
17: Shuriken x 2
18: Shuriken
19: Cheese x 2, Food
20: Skeleton Figurine
21: Great Axe
22: Blackmoss
23: Shuriken x 3
24: Smoked Sea Bass
25: Snail Figurine
26: Rock
27: Power Gem, Bear Pelt, Scroll, Crystal Flower

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