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Tomb Underground Walkthrough

There are no stairs to the Tomb Underground you can only reach this level by dropping or climbing down the pits above. Is worth exploring because there are many secrets down here. Teleporters in each of the areas will take you back up to the Pyramid of Umas.


1: Drop down the pit directly above in the Pyramid of Umas to reach this secret. You’ll be rewarded with a Potion of Willpower and Poison Bomb x3

2: Place a Torch in the empty holder to open up this secret. Inside you’ll find a Speed Potion and Crossbow Quarrels.

3: Fall down the last plate before the gate in the Pyramid of Umas. Make your way to the south for this secret and a Spirit Walker Pendant and Crystal Shard of Healing.

4: Drop down from above and press the Button to open the secret room to the south.

List of Items

1: Potion of Willpower, Poison Bomb x3
2: Speed Potion, Crossbow Quarrels x3
3: Map
4: Shuriken x2
5: Tomb of Air, Lock Picks
6: Antivenom
7: Healing Potion
8: Antivenom
9: Broadhead Arrow x2
10: Gold Key

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