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The Keelbreach Bog is a swampy area to the south of the Forgotten River. You’ll find 2 Power Gems here as well as the Shrine of Earth. The Giant Mosquitos are difficult to deal with because they’re so fast but a fire spell can finish them off quickly.

The other enemy you’ll face here is the Giant Toad. It has the ability to suck up one of your weapons. Make sure you pick it up once you’ve killed it. To the south of the bog you’ll find the stairs leading down to the Herder’s Den.

Keelbreach Bog Map

Keelbreach Bog Walkthrough

1: Path to Forgotten River.

2: Water path to Forgotten River.

3: Shoot an arrow or throw an item south to land on the pressure plate. You’ll need to time your throw so the item doesn’t get teleported away. The pressure plate opens the gate to the west so you can explore the rest of the level.

4: Shrine of Earth. Once you have 4 Power Gems place them on the altar to turn them into the Essence of Earth.

5: Stairs down to the Herder’s Den.

6: Take this teleporter to the bit of land to the northwest.

7: Power Gem!

8: To open the gate to the Power Gem all levers must be down. Start with Lever 1 as shown on the map and follow the path to Lever 6.

9: Teleport to the Hub. To access it you’ll need the Hub Key from Herder’s Den.


1: Throw an item from 1a on the pressure plate 5 squares to the west. This activates the teleporter in the pit below. Climb into the pit and go through the teleporter to arrive at secret 1b where you’ll find a Shaman’s Cloak.

2: Place an item on the pressure plate underwater 3 squares to the north. You can drop an item over the edge or climb down the ladder. This opens the gate to the south. In the chest you’ll find 3 Lightning Bombs and 4 Crossbow Quarrels.

Buried Treasure

1: The sign in the pit reads “Underneath”. Dig up the square to find a chest with a Crystal Shard of Recharging inside.

2: In Sleet Island you’ll find a note on a small island to the northeast of the Shrine of Water. It will give you a clue to the location of this chest. Dig up the square to find the chest. Inside you’ll find Horned Fruit, Crystal Shard of Recharging and the Thraelm Tribal Buckler.

List of Items

1: Letter from the Island Master
2: 10 x Pellets
3: Round Shield, Antivenom
4: Venom Edge
5: Lock Picks
6: Shoes, 2 x Poison Bomb, Broadhead Arrow
7: Lock Picks
8: 10 x Pellets
9: Leather Boots

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