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The Tomb of Rites is the level above the Pyramid of Umas. You’ll need to head through the Tomb of Sacrifice and the Tomb of Offerings for the Tomb Keys that you’ll use in the Ceremonial Chamber above.

Dropping down the pits in the southwest and southeast of this level will take you to previously unexplored areas of the Pyramid of Umas.

Tomb of Rites Map

Tomb of Rites Walkthrough

1: Exit to the Pyramid of Umas. You’ll step straight into the first puzzle called turn off the lights. You’ll need to step onto the triggers in the right order. There’s an audio clue when you step on them. The order is a, b, c and d on the map above.

Walls to the east and west will open. The room to the east is a secret.

2: Tomb of Sacrifice

3: Tomb of Offerings

4: Sun/Moon Chambers. Take out all the torches from the moon chamber and light all the torches in the sun chamber. The door in the southeast corner of the room will open.

5: Fireball Puzzle. Watch the path of the fireballs closely and try to avoid getting hit.

6: Stand here and face north. Use the special attack of the Serpent Staff on the serpent door to the north.

7: Press the Button to create a teleporter and change the path of the fireball. When a fireball hits the receptacle the door will open.

8: Tomb Key. One of two that you need for the level above.

9: Offering Room. You need to place items on the right tables to be able to reach the Lever and the door. Place items on the tables marked in red, a, b, c, d and e. Walk onto the closed pits and take the item off the table from b. The Lever and door should now be accessible.

10: The second Tomb Key.

11: Teleporter Puzzle. Step through the teleporter when the other teleporter is at (f). Use the serpent staff on the door to the east and then throw an item on the pressure plate behind it. This opens the gate (e) leading to the power gem.

12: Power Gem.

13: Stairs up to Ceremonial Chamber.


1: When you complete the Turn off the Lights puzzle at #1 the eastern wall will open. Inside is the first secret with a Sickle Sword.

2: Place the Mirror Gauntlets on the sarcophagus to open the wall to the south. Inside you’ll find a Potion of Vitality and some food.

List of Items

1: Bread
2: Note
3: Sickle Sword
4: Pellets x10
5: Lizard on a Stick
6: Pellets x10
7: Note, Blackmoss, Archmage’s Scapular
8: Poison Bomb x2
9: Potion of Vitality, Cheese, Bread, Blueberry Pie
10: Blooddrop Cap
11: Healing Potion
12: Cannon Ball x4
13: Pearl Shield
14: Lock Picks

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