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You’ll reach these tunnels by going through the Twigroot Forest. You’ll first enter in the southwest section where you need to find the Round Key. You’ll then head back to the forest and then back to the tunnels again to explore the rest of this map.

Down here you’ll find a number of monsters including the Turtle, Mummy, Ratling, Rat Swarm, Undead Archer, Undead Soldier, Warg and Trickster. Drop down the various pits dotted around the tunnels to explore the Twigroot Basement below.

Twigroot Tunnels Map

Twigroot Tunnels Walkthrough

1: You’ll enter in here from the Twigroot Forest.

2: To close the pit throw an item over the pit so that it lands on the pressure plate.

3: The Iron Key to open the gate to the east.

4: Search the Chest for the Round Key, Scroll of Ice Shards and a Frost Bomb. The Round Key is used to get further in the Forest above.

5: Northern stairs to the Twigroot Forest.

6: When you enter this room and step on the pressure plate the pits open, trapping you inside. Press the hidden on the south wall to close the southern pit so you can proceed.

7: Pressing the Button opens the pit and then the gate. Quickly step back and wait for the pit to close, then run through the door before it closes. Inside you’ll find a Power Gem.

8: The Philosophers Stone. Place an item on the pressure plate in one of the alcoves to activate the Philosophers Stone. Push the stone East, then South through the gate, and then push it onto the glowing orange tile. The gate to the southwest will open so you can access the Windgate.

9: When you pick up the Brass Key the Windgate will be closed off and enemies will be released. Kill them and then press the Button by the closed gate to reopen it and get access to the teleporter.

10: The Trickster. He likes to throw rocks at you and pull levers to open pits and release Turtles. Once he takes enough damage he’ll drop The Brass Key to the exit and leave a note explaining who he is. Make sure you grab the Power Gem (Item 27) before you leave.

11: Exit back to Twigroot Forest.


1: Press the Button on the south wall to open an alcove with an Undead Soldier and a Whitewood Wand.

2: Solve the Four Plagues puzzle to unlock a room with the Spidersilk Robe and Potion of Willpower. The answer to the puzzle: NW shelf place Food. NW shelf place Armour. SW shelf place weapon. SE shelf place Potion of Healing.

3: Press the Button to open the room to the east where you’ll find a Rogue Vest.

4: Press the hidden Button on the north wall to open the nearby room where you’ll find Lock Picks and a Leather Brigandine.

5: Press the Button on the wall across from the Windgate to open the wall to the west where you’ll find 4 Mummies, an Energy Potion and a Potion of Vitality.

6: Press the Button in the alcove to the west to open the side passage. This gives you access to the Reed Helmet.

7: Press the Button in the small room to the southeast to close a pit to the west. Stand on the closed pit to look for another hidden Button. This one opens the room to the south for a Potion of Dexterity and Pellets.

8: Push the Button in the north alcove to open the room to the east where you’ll find the Reed Cuirass.

List of Items

1: Tattered Cloak
2: Whitewood Wand, Skullcleave
3: Bread
4: Scroll of Shield
5: Leather Cap, Salted Sausage
6: Blooddrop Cap
7: Pellets x 10
8: Cudgel
9: Rogue Vest
10: Mudwort
11: Turtle Egg
12: Smoked Sea Bass
13: Power Gem
14: Blooddrop Cap
15: Lock Picks
16: Leather Brigandine
17: Bread
18: Machete
19: Potion of Vitality
20: Compass, Lock Picks, Food
21: Pellets x 10
22: Brass Key
23: Leather Pants
24: Reed Helmet
25: Pellets x 10
26: Falconskyre
27: Power Gem
28: Quarter Staff
29: Potion of Dexterity, Pellets x 10
30: Brass Key
31: Lizard on a Stick
32: Blooddrop Cap
33: Reed Cuirass
34: Pellets x 10

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