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Safe House

Upon entering the Seamstresses Union Coyote will be taken downstairs. Speak with Mrs. Kubota and ask her about everything. She’ll tell you about Mr. Delilah and Van Graas, who are prepared to purchase any special items you may find while on your missions. Otherwise known as a ‘fence’. There are other merchants in the safe house where you can get cyberware, medical supplies, spells and other items.

Objective: Find the Med-Bay in the Safe House

Speak with Johnny Clean at the back of the Union and ask him where the Safe House is. He’ll tell you to look behind the piano. Play G-A-F-F-C to reveal the secret entrance to the downstairs area. You’ll find an area where you can stash your equipment to the bottom right. The med-bay is just to the south where you’ll find Dr. Sara Castle.

Once the Doc has finished the operation you’ll be able to question Coyote and get some more information about Sam Watts.

Objective: Investigate Sam’s Bunk

Once you’ve finished speaking with Coyote you’ll be given the quest to investigate Sam’s bunk. It’s in the room where you stash your equipment so go and check it out. You’ll learn about Sam’s sister, Jessica. Go back and ask Coyote about Sam’s sister and you’ll get a call from Officer Aguirre, informing you of another murder.

Objective: Deliver the Stones to Mr. Delilah

Head back up to the main part of the Seamstresses Union and speak with Mr. Delilah in the back room. You can either sell all of the Rare Stones to him right away or some of them and the rest to Van Graas. If you have Charisma 5, Strength 6 or Etiquette: Academic you’ll get a better price for the remaining stones from Van Graas, 1,500 as opposed to 1,000 Nuyen.

Leave the Seamstresses Union and get ready to investigate another murder scene.

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