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The Warehouse

Objective: Speak with Sergeant Aguirre

Head over and speak with Officer Aguirre. He’ll give you the  Warehouse Office Key so you can look around afterwards. This key opens the door to the north.

Objective: Investigate the Murder Scene

Walk down and speak with Dresden. He’ll tell you about the missing body parts. Next speak with the woman, Shannon Half-Sky. She’s the sister of the murdered victim and a shaman. She wants to enlist the help of the spirits in the warehouse who may have information about her brother’s murder. In order to do so she’ll need some of their personal items.

Objective: Find Two Haunted Objects

You’ll need to find at least 2 haunted objects that you can take back to Shannon Half-Sky. Walk through the door to the south east to another large room. In the top left corner of this room is a Junk Pile. Search through the junk pile to find a Steel Earring and a credstick with 200 Nuyen.


Go back to the room just to the north of Officer Aguirre. This is the warehouse office. To the left is a footlocker that contains another haunted item, a Comb.


Look at the computer and view all of the notes including the researchers private notes. You’ll find some Incriminating Data that you can sell to someone back at the Union.

Start a conversation with Shannon Half-Sky and let her know you have the objects. Before she can call the spirits McKlusky enters and stops her. You’ll agree to come back later in the night with Shannon to do the spirit summoning. She’ll give you 4,000 Nuyen to hire a few guys to help out with the break and entering. Leave the warehouse for now and head back to the Seamstresses Union.

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