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Seamstresses Union

The Seamstresses Union is a place where you can relax, purchase new supplies and get additional equipment. On the ground floor is the main bar, there are apartments above and a hidden safehouse below. There are some merchants here including Eric Mersman (behind the bar) who sells clothing and armor and Jin Parks (near the stage) who sells weapons and gear. Noog is a shaman by the second bar in the back room who sells magical wares.

Objective: Find and Question Coyote

Coyote was listed on the Bar Tab Receipt that was left at the murder site. She’s not here at the moment but Cherry Bomb is working behind the bar instead. Speak with Cherry and you’ll discover the Coyote has been missing for a few days.

Speak with Mr. Kluwe who guards the entrance to the back area. He doesn’t have much to say right now. Go through and speak with the lady at the bottom of the stairs, Mrs. Kubota, the owner of the establishment.


Speak with Mrs. Kubota and she’ll give you access to the upstairs apartments to investigate the disappearance of Coyote.

Head up the stairs. The first room on the left is locked but you can get access if you have a Decking skill of 2 or more. Inside is a plush teddy bear which hides a Nitro inside. Otherwise enter Coyote’s apartment, the last one on the left and have a look around.


Objective: Gain Access to Coyote’s Computer

Pick up the Diary from the bed and read it. Take a look at the computer. If you have Decking of 3 or greater you won’t need to go through the password recovery, otherwise you’ll need to answer a series of questions to get access. The answers can be found by looking through Coyote’s room and also talking to the people downstairs. Here are the answers.

Your first childhood pet: Shadow

Your favorite musical act: Starfire

What is the name of your hometown: Chicago

Read all the information on the computer and the open the safe next to the bathroom door for a Fichetti Frag Grenade. Go downstairs and speak with Mrs. Kubota again.

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