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Loose Ends


You head back to the Seamstresses Union to evaluate your next move. This also gives you a chance to purchase new equipment or make any necessary upgrades.

Objective: Plan Your Next Move

Speak with Johnny Clean at the bar and you’ll engage in a conversation with him, Cherry Bomb and Mrs. Kubota.

Objective: Go to the Watts Funeral

Before you leave you can go to the Safe House if you want to speak with the merchants down there. You can also speak with Mrs. Kubota again at the bar and give her the Mercy Mental Data for an extra 2 KP. If you still have the Super Brawl Ring you can sell it to Van Graas whose in front of the main stage. He’ll give you 1,200 Nuyen for it.

When you’re ready leave the Seamstresses Union.

Family Debts


Objective: Talk to Jessica Watts

Walk up to the group gathered around the grave and speak with Jessica Watts. After the service is over speak with Jessica again. Once Jessica has revealed her true motives she will run off with Lynne and then you’ll be attacked by enemies who run out from the right.

Objective: Secure the Cemetery

 There are a few waves of attackers that you need to deal with and unfortunately you start out in the open. Initially 3 Hired Guns and a Mercenary will attack from the right side. If they group close together you may be able to use AOE weapons to take them all down quickly.

Strategy: You may want to move all of your team to the left side while you’re taking down these opponents and use the small building and rocks for cover. You’ll be attacked from the left soon enough so you want a place where you can hunker down or get out of line-of-sight.

Before long Team B will move in from the Cemetery entrance. This team includes a Mercenary Captain, 3 Mercenaries and a Hired Mage.

This is a tough fight so you’ll need to stay on your toes. What’s worse is that with all the commotion something else in the Cemetery has awoken, Ghouls!

 The Ghouls are actually quite agile and can run a fair distance. They’ll attack whoever they see, both your team and your enemies, so only target those that are going for you.


Before long another 3 Ghouls will arrive from the north-west. Once you’ve dispatched of them you’ll be able to freely walk around the Cemetery.

Objective: Interrogate the Leader

Go over to where the Mercenary Captain fell down and talk to him. You’ll discover that Lynne and Jessica are associated with the Universal Brotherhood so that’s where you’ll be going next.

Before leaving the Cemetery via the back gate there are a few items to find. To the east you’ll find some graves.


Examine the Grave to find a Force 4 Abomination Elemental Fetish.

As you head to the north, in between two crypts, you’ll find some jars.


Examine the jars to find a Cavalier Frag Grenade.

A little further ahead, by a statue, you’ll find some Jazz.


Now you can head out the back gate and return to the Seamstresses Union for a rest and to hire a team to infiltrate the Universal Brotherhood.

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