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Organ Grinders

Objective: Ask the Coroner about Sam Watts

Head into the Organ Grinders and speak with the Coroner Dresden. He’ll show you the body of Sam Watts and then leave to talk to Detective McKlusky. Pick up the Basic Medkit on the table next to Sam’s body and then have a look at Sam (1) to find the evidence bag.

Inside the evidence bag you’ll find a credstick with 300 Nuyen as well as a note, shirt and business card. Take a look at everything and then walk back out to talk to McKlusky. He’ll largely ignore you. Talk to Dresden again for some more information about the killer.

Objective: Open a Refrigerator

Open the cabinet at (2) to grab a Basic Medkit and a Doc Wagon Basic Trauma Kit. Open the refrigerator at (3) to find Jake Armitage. He’ll join you and give you a choice of weapon including a baseball bat, Fichetti Security 500, Baretta Model 70, Street Sweeper or AK-97. Take your weapon and leave the Organ Grinders.

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