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Tower of Fate: Ascent

There’s a small platforming section before you’ll need to face all of the bosses again. Fortunately you’ll be given a chicken to eat between fights.

Start by dropping down the first few water chambers and then heading across to the right. Use the War Horn if you want to quickly kill the lizards that materialize when you get close to them.

You’ll find the first Checkpoint as you hop out of the water. Make your way to the right, past a variety of enemies from previous levels, and drop down to the second Checkpoint.

Use the ice statue to travel across to the right and ride it up the gap just before the burners. Use the Propeller Dagger to dash across the tops of the obstacles and then break the wall to the right where you’ll find the first Music Sheet.

It is possible to bounce off the green flying creature and make it into the alcove if you miss the jump. You’ll just need to lure it closer to the ground and time your jump.

To the right is the next Checkpoint. Climb up the tower while the walls move from left to right. Half-way up you’ll see the second Music Sheet. Use the Propeller Dagger to quickly grab it and continue on your way up.

At the very top break the wall to the left for a Chicken. Head to the right for the last Checkpoint and drop down to meet all the end level bosses again.

Boss Fights

You’ll need to defeat all eight bosses in a single go. Luckily you do get to eat a Chicken between fights. The order is random each time. You may not always get a potion to renew your mana so try to conserve your magic for fights where you really need to use it.

Here are some tips for quickly defeating each of the bosses.

King Knight – No relics should be needed. Just bounce on his head.

Mole Knight – The Dust Knuckles make it easy to get in multiple hits and break through the dirt he sends at you.

Polar Knight – Get ready with either the Phase Locket or Ichor of Boldness just in case you get knocked into the spikes.

Plague Knight – Use the Chaos Orb to bounce over the beakers. One orb can often hit him multiple times.

Propeller Knight – Bounce on his head and then use the Throwing Anchor when he hovers in the air.

Specter Knight – Be patient and wait for attack opportunities. Use the Flare Wand if you have magic spare and want to finish him off quickly.

Tinker Knight – The Mobile Gear will one-hit kill the Tinker Knight in the first phase. Bounce on his head when he’s in the robot and dodge the right missile.

Treasure Knight – No relics needed. Use the Flare Wand or Chaos Orbs if you’re having trouble.

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