After wandering around in the Outskirts Geralt finally has access to the Temple Quarter of Vizima. There are many quests here including the main quests to find out who’s responsible for sending assassins after him and to destroy the local Salamandra cells.

During this chapter Geralt will also have access to the Sewers, Vizima Dike, Swamp and later on the Vizima Cemetery.

There are a number of suspects as to whose behind the Salamandra gang. You’ll need to continue talking to all of them to figure out who’s behind the attacks.

Story Quests

Prison Break
The Crown Witness
Vizima Confidential
Anatomy of a Crime
Clay Pits
A Mysterious Tower
The Sentry

Side Quests

A Ghost Story
A Gravedigger’s Gratitude
A Long Way from Home
A Lost Lamb
A Most Uncommon Wine
A Pilgrimage
A Restless Ghost
Bloodthirsty Vegetation (Trophy Quest)
Dice Poker: The Professional
Finders Keepers
Flowers and Gold
Force Recon
Memory of a Blade
Old Friend of Mine
Safe Haven
Suspects (Kalkstein, Leuvaarden, Ramsmeat, Thaler, Vincent Meis & Vivaldi)
The Beast of the Sewers (Trophy Quest)
The Cannibal
The Rat
What Lies Beneath
Working Girls
Worth its Weight in Gold

Map Locations

1) Hairy Bear Inn
2) House for Ghost Story Quest
3) Eager Thighs Brothel
4) Ramsmeat’s House
5) Armorer
6) Guard Post
7) Gravedigger
8) Detective Raymond’s House
9) Abandoned House
10) St. Lebioda’s Hospital
11) Gardener
12) Thaler’s House
13) Dungeon
14) Vincent Meis Captain of the Guard
15) Merchant Street
16) Shani’s House
17) Kalkstein’s House
18) Golan Vivaldi’s House
19) Dwarven Blacksmith
20) Crypt

A) Sewer Entrance
B) Exit to the Dike
C) Exit to the Cemetery

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