The Flowers and Gold quest is initiated when you speak to Yaren Bolt at the Lumberjack’s Clearing (#1). He asks you to collect 5 Beggartick Blossoms and describes what they look like so you’ll have the entry in your journal.

The Beggartick Blossoms can be found near the collapsed tower at (#2) and around the Scoia’tael camp (#3).

Yaren has organised a buyer for the Beggartick Blossoms. Make your way back to the Ferryman (#4) and he’ll pay you 400 Orens for them. You can either keep all of the profits yourself or go back to Yaren Bolt (#1) and share the profits with him for more experience.

Yaren will have another quest for you, A Long Way from Home, if you ask him for more Witcher work.

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