Every morning between 06:00 and 09:00 you can meet a Con Artist outside
the Sewer Entrance (#1). He asks you to retrieve a Ring from the Crypt in
the Sewers. There are many Ghouls and Graviers in the Crypt and they will
respawn every time you enter, making it a great place for grinding for
Orens and Experience.

To find the Crypt enter the Sewers and take the first left path through an
iron gate. The Ring can be found in a trunk in the north east section of
the Crypt.

The Con Artist is obviously lying, given his name, and the Ring doesn’t
belong to his family but another family. He’ll be waiting for you to
return a few hours before dawn outside the Sewer entrance. Give him the
Ring to complete the quest or kill him and keep the Ring for yourself.

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