Speak with Vaska (#1) to find out that a little boy from the village has been kidnapped. Vaska suspects that the Druids kidnapped the boy in order to turn him in to a Dryad.

Make your way to the Druid’s Grove (#2) and speak with the Druids. A Dryad, Morenn, will also be there. Speak with her about the boy and she laughs it off as only girls are turned into Dryads.

Continue speaking with Morenn and you’ll have the chance to have sex with her if you can bring her a Wolf Pelt. Make sure you have one in your inventory before speaking with her and you’ll be given the Morenn Sex Card.

Return to Vaska and let her know that the Druids are not responsible. This quest will pick up with the Reaping Time quest in Chapter 3 and the boy will eventually be find in the cave at (#3).

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