If you helped the Scoia’tael by giving them the cargo in Chapter 1 then you’ll need to speak with Coleman before seeing Raymond Maarloeve as the Scoia’tael will kill Coleman.

You’ll find Coleman at the Hairy Bear Inn (#1). He wants you to check out a Haunted House (#2) and kill the ghosts there. This is the same house for the A Most Uncommon Wine quest so you can complete both quests at the same time.

Coleman’s ghosts are the ones on the ground floor. The other ghosts for the wine quest are in the basement. Kill them and return to the Hairy Bear Inn. Coleman has disappeared. Speak with the Inn Keeper to find out that he might have gone to the Dike. the Inn Keeper will also offer to pay for any information.

Head over to the Dike and Coleman will confront you and pay 100 Orens as a reward. Coleman will say that he’s been working for Vincent Meis and is trying to track the Salamandra.

Return to the Inn Keeper and either rat out Coleman for 500 Orens or tell the Inn Keeper that you’ve lost track of him. If you tell on Coleman he’ll disappear. Interestingly you might want to keep Coleman around for as long as possible as he’s the only character who buys and sells Fisstech.

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