All of these contracts can be found either on the noticeboard outside of
the Hairy Bear Inn (#1) or the Prison (#2). These contracts can be
completed in Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

The Alghoul Contract

You must deliver 3 Alghoul Marrow to Kalkstein (#3). Alghouls can be found
at night in the Cemetery and Crypt or in the Swamp Forest. They apparently
like to congregate around the collapsed tower in the swamp. If you can’t
get into the cemetery you’ll need to complete the ‘A Gravedigger’s
Gratitude’ quest first. The reward for this contract is 150 Orens.

The Dog Contract

The Gravedigger outside the Cemetery Gates (#4) wants 6 Dog Tallow. You
can find these by killing dogs around the streets at night, finding them
in containers or looting corpses. Return to the Gravedigger and give him
the Dog Tallow for 100 Orens.

The Drowned Dead Contract

Siegfried (#5) is looking for 10 Drowned Dead Tongues. You can find plenty
of Drowned Dead in the Swamp Forest at night and some during the day as
well. Bring the tongues back to Siegfried for 150 Orens.

The Echinops Contract

The Gardener at (#6) wants 3 Echinops Rootstocks. You can find them in the
Swamp Forest although they aren’t all that common. Deliver them to the
Gardener for 100 Orens.

The Wolf Contract

Jean-Pierre wants 10 Wolf Pelts. You can find Wolves outside the Druid’s
Grove in the Swamp Forest and Jean-Pierre can be found at the landing in
the Swamp Forest. Bring the Wolf Pelts back to Jean-Pierre for 150 Orens.

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