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Dun Algaz

Objectives: Destroy Dun Algaz

You begin with an established base in the north east corner of the map. There’s plenty of forested area but you will need to move to another Gold Mine once this one runs out.

You should only be attacked from the western entrance so station your forces there. You’ll also want to build a couple of Towers there to save your units from getting killed.

Start training Knights and send them out to explore the map. There are three land bridges leading down to the Orc town of Dun Algaz. You can station troops here to prevent any enemy forces from getting across.

When you are ready to expand claim the Gold Mine directly to the west. Pay for all of the upgrades and send your army south to wipe out the Orcs.

I didn’t bother with building any b.. and instead went in with groups of 9 Knights. They can quickly take down any of the enemy Guard Towers and are more mobile. Once you’ve destroyed all the enemy structures and units the mission will be complete.

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