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Tol Barad

Objectives: Retake Dun Modr and destroy Dul Barad

You begin without a town but a band of Trolls and Grunts and one Catapult. Send them down to the south. You can use the Zeppelin to scout out the area. Take out the enemy units and then replace the Human Town Hall with a Town Hall of your own.

There’s a small Oil Patch to the east of this narrow strip of land. You begin with 2 Destroyers but they won’t be enough to take out the Human town of Dul Barad.

Build the Shipyard so you can start making more Destroyers and the Foundry so you can research the upgrades.

Send your fleet of Destroyers down to the south west and target the Human Towers, Ballista and Shipyard first. Circle around the island to destroy as many of the enemy towers and units as you can.

Send a few Transports filled with Grunts, Trolls and Catapults to finish off the town. Once the last structure and enemy have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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