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The Prisoners

Objectives: Transport four Alterac prisoners to the Circle of Power

This is another transport mission but this time the prisoners are locked far away in the south east corner on a different land mass.

There are two Orc factions, a red faction that you will need to get past in the center of the map and a light blue faction to the west that you can ignore. The blue Orcs will send out transports with troops to your shore and ships from time to time. Just make sure you have a few Towers on your southern shore and a few ships to guard your coast.

Transport Knights over to the red outpost in the center of the map. Either build a Barracks there or transport a Ballista to take out the Juggernaut in the water to the south.

Build a Shipyard to the south of this base and then build Juggernauts to take out the many Towers along the side of the river.

When the coast is clear send down a Transport to pick up at least 4 of the Prisoners. Bring them back to your main base and have them stand on the Circle of Power to complete the mission.

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