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Assault on Blackrock Spire

Objectives: Destroy Blackrock Spire and eradicate the enemy

As soon as the mission starts send your small fleet up to the north east orange Orc base. Destroy the orange Shipyard and Transport to prevent them from harassing your base later. The red Orcs will still send Transports loaded with Ogres so you will need to keep some units at home.

When you have your economy up and running send out either Gryphon Riders or Transports with ground units to the island with the Gold Mine to the north. Take over this island and set up a Town Hall to gather gold from the mine.

There’s also a Gold Mine on a small island to the east and another one on a larger land mass on the eastern edge.

Once you feel like you have a large enough army transport them to the orange Orc base in the north-east corner. Clear this area out and set up a base here to gather the resources.

Transport your troops over to the red base. You might find it’s easiest to attack them from the south because you have room to build a few Barracks. Sweep your army through the red base and once all enemy units and structures have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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