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  1. Proximo
  2. Ves

Once you’ve completed The Butcher of Cidaris you’ll be invited to an upcoming tournament of all the best fighters. Speak with Proximo (1) just outside the arena between 12:00 and 20:00 to begin the fights. Your opponents in order will be Gwydion, Rendag and Borin.

You’ll face each of your opponents one at a time and they will yield once they reach about half health. You can yield by press F but you’ll lose the battle. Gwydion is a fairly simple match up and you should be able to defeat him easily. Rendag bears a shield so you may want to trap him with Yrden before trying to deal damage. Borin is a wreckless soldier and hits hard so stay out of reach.

The king will comment that no-one is able to defeat you when Ves appears as a new challenger. You may be tempted to go easier on her and yield but she won’t appreciate you going easy on her. Once she’s been defeated she’ll want to talk to you in her Tent (2).

When you meet Ves in her tent you can have a romantic evening with her if you play your cards right.

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