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If you chose to follow Roche at the end of Chapter 1 you’ll have access to the Kaedwen side of the Pontar Valley. You begin by taking control of King Henselt as he walks the Aediernian encampment for a meeting with the nobles. Alongside King Henselt will be Dethmold and Sile de Tanserville.

Once you reach the tent the nobles will begin negotiations for buying land. The choices you make here won’t affect King Henselt later in the game. The nobles will agree to half of their offer without giving them titles or reject their offer outright. Either way you’ll soon be met by Saskia and Prince Stennis.

You can either provoke a fight between the two parties or let Saskia speak which will end in a one-on-one fight with her. The fight is quite easy as Henselt hits hard. Soon a priest will rush up to rescue Saskia and Henselt will smash him against some kind of altar. This opens up a terrible curse.

Back with Geralt you’ll be approaching the walls of King Henselt’s fort. Geralt’s medallion will start to vibrate as the curse rises up in the distance. Geralt makes his way towards the mist and catches up with Henselt, Dethmold and Sile. Dethmold will attempt to cast a spell to repel the spectres while you and the others will have to fight them off.

This is a difficult battle sequence where you need to defeat numerous wraiths and Draugirs. Each time Dethmold’s shield comes down take out the wraiths as quickly as possible so you can continue on your way.

Keep a look out for Stennis’ corpse. You can loot it for Stennis’ Sword, a steel sword that deals 22-28 damage with a 15% chance to cause bleeding. Once you reach the edge of the mist you’ll see a blue border. Going through it will take you out of the mist and you’ll return to the world as it should be.

When you make it to the camp Zyvir will show you around and point out the important places. You don’t need to explore them now as you’ll have plenty of time to do that later once you speak to the king. Some interesting places are the Blacksmith’s Tent, the Fighting Area and the Cantina.

Once Zyvik has shown you the sites head towards King Henselt’s tent. Along the way you’ll be stopped by Shilard who will ask you some questions. Don’t try to use the Axii sign on him as he has a talisman that protects him from spells.

Henselt will ask you why you’re here and tell you about Sabrina’s curse. Lifting the curse will form the main goal for this chapter. Dethmold is working for Henselt and you can go to him for information about the curse as well. When you leave Henselt’s tent Dethmold will call you over to his tent. This begins the Conspiracy Theory quest.

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