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  1. Zyvik
  2. Sabrina’s Pyre (Lost Soldiers)
  3. Drop Off Point
  4. Lasota’s Workshop

The first time you see Zyvik after he takes you to see the King should be outside the Main Gates (#1). He’ll tell you that two of his men have gone missing in the gulleys and he asks you to find them.

The two men can be found hiding by Sabrina’s Pyre (#2). They went there with a man called the Visionary but are afraid to leave the protective circle of the pyre for fear of Drowners. You can agree to escort them out or let them do it alone in which case they will die along the way.

While you’re here you might as well investigate the pyre for The Blood Curse quest. Once you’re done escort them around the side of the cliffs. You’ll be attacked by 4 or 5 Drowners along the way but they shouldn’t be any trouble to kill even with a basic silver sword. Take them to the Drop Off Point (#3) and then head back to Zyvik, who is likely to be somewhere around Lasota’s Workshop (#4), for your reward.

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