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  1. Beginning of Chapter 3
  2. Lookout
  3. Decision Point After Spotting Knights of the Flaming Rose
  4. Knights of the Flaming Rose
  5. Cave Entrance
  6. Cave Exit
  7. Climbing Spot
  8. Ruins
  9. Eavesdropping
  10. Path to Center of the City
  11. Sewer Entrance
  12. Entrance to Redanian Dungeons
  13. Nobles

This quest begins automatically once you start Chapter 3. You begin in the outskirts (1) of Loc Muinne. Follow Iorveth towards the city. You can stop at #2 to take a good look at the architecture of the city from here.

Continue around to #3 where you’ll spot a camp of Knights of the Flaming Rose (4). If you are friendly with them you can go and talk to them and they’ll give you passage into the city. If not you’ll have to follow Iorveth through the Caves (5).

Inside the cave you’ll face an Arachas and Endrega. Kill them and then make your way out of the caves at #6. Make your way to where you can climb over the Wall (7). When you drop down on the other side the quest will be updated with the goal of finding Philippa Eilhart.

Once you reach the Ruins (8) you’ll find a rune puzzle. This is connected with The Gargoyle Contract so a full description of how go get past the puzzles will be shown there.

For now continue on to #9 where you can listen to some soldiers discussing Philippa Eilhart who’s being held in the dungeons. You can either surrender to the soldiers or find a secret way in through the sewers.

Getting Arrested

Either head to the path that leads to the center of the city (10), or the Nobles playing dice (14). Start a fight with them and let them take your health to 0. You’ll be arrested and you’ll lose all of your equipment.

Your cell will be right next to Philippas and she’ll be surprised to see you. During your conversation with her she tells you that she didn’t know Saskia was a dragon and use the opportunity when she was poisoned to try to influence her. Radovid and Shilard will interupt the conversation to deal with Philippa.

Radovid now turns his attention to you, saying that he’ll keep you imprisoned until the summit is over. After he leaves Shilard enters your cell with a couple of soldiers. This is your chance. Get through the QTE and overpower the guards. Now you have a choice, free Philippa and lead her to her home or go in search for Triss. If you rescue Philippa she promises to lift the spell she put on Saskia.

Rescuing Philippa takes you to The Spellbreaker quest and search for Triss is picked up in the Where is Triss Merigold? quest.

The Sewers

If you decided to go through the sewers you can find the Sewer Entrance (11) under the tower. Make your way through the tunnels, killing any rotfiends you spot along the way. Once you reach the Sewer Exit (12) you’ll hear Radovid, Shilard and Philippa having a conversation. Radovid will condemn her to death.

Kill the Nilfgaardian soldiers first and then Geralt will knock away Shilard in a short cut-scene. Philippa will ask you to lead her back to her house where she can free Saskia from the spell. The other option is to leave her here and go in search of Triss. This takes you to either The Spellbreaker or Where is Triss Merigold? quests.

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