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  1. Bras of Ban Ard
  2. Sewer Entrance
  3. Portal to Secret Room

Speak with Bras of Ban Ard (1) and show him the Notes you found in Chapter 2 during the quest Where is Triss Merigold? He’ll be astonished and tell you that it speaks of a treasure guarded by a sentries. If you say the correct password the sentry will let you in. You can pay him 400 Orens to reveal the password or use Axii instead.

The sentence he gives you is “Nanna Kanpa Zi Uddu-ya Ia Ia Gat Exa Nanna Zi Uddu-Zi Gat Kanpa Nibbit”. The words “Nanna Kanpa” mean “forge ahead” or say the words in order. The word “Zi” means “backtrack” or say the words in reverse order.

The solution is therefore “Zi”, “Uddu-ya”, “Ia Ia”, “Gat”, “Exa”, “Nibbit”, “Kanpa”, “Gat”, “Uddu-Zi”.

Make your way to the Sewer Entrance (2) and then to the Sentry and Portal (3). Speak to the wisp and he’ll ask you a question. Answer with the solution shown above. It will open a portal that you can go through to another room with a charcoal puzzle.

Have a look at the diagram provided. Each brazier will affect 2 others. The goal is to light all of the braziers. Save the game before you start experimenting. The solution is to touch Brazier 1, Brazier 3, Brazier 7 and then Brazier 1. Completing the puzzle will open up another room with the Operator.

When you speak with the Operator you’ll have the option to fulfill the prophecy, giving you the chance to redistribute all of your talents, deny the prophecy and fight the Operator or deny any involvement and fail the quest.

The Operator

The Operator is one of the toughest boss fights in the game. He’s a mage that shoots fireballs at you doing a lot of damage. Each time he loses 25% health he’ll spawn 2 Gargoyles. These gargoyles are tougher than the regular gargoyles you’ve seen flying around Loc Muinne. When he spawns the gargoyles the Operator will be shielded until you defeat them.

Space is tight so use the pillars to your advantage and try to trap or use Yrden on one of the gargoyles while you deal with the other one. Always have Quen active to prevent the first hit.

Once the fight is over loot his body for the Operator’s Staff and Dragon Scales. Once the quest is over a teleport will open up back to #3.

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