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  1. The Scientists
  2. Tower Entrance
  3. Tavern

If you followed Iorveth’s path the Scientists you met back in Flotsam who tried to test an unknown potion on you will be waiting in the Main Square (1). They hired mercenaries to do a job for them but they haven’t returned. They ask if you’ll accept the quest of going with them to the laboratory of a Mage called Dearhenna.

When you are ready head to the Tower Entrance (2). The first room you come to has resonating crystals. Hitting them does nothing but if you cast Aard on two of them and Igni on the other two a door will open. The sequence or timing of activating the crystals doesn’t seem to matter. Continue down the hall to a Guard protecting the Forgotten Bran Sword. The Guard will teleport to an upper ledge, out of reach, each time it loses 20% health. From there it spawns Wraiths.

Once the battle is over another door opens. Follow it through to a room with chests that spawn more wraiths when you open them. When you are done head through another door that leads back to the spiral staircase.

Walk up the staircase and go through the first door to meet Cynthia and her party. She’ll make you a deal. If you accept it you can continue with the quest, if not the quest will fail.

Make your way through the tunnels until you come to a seeming dead end. Cynthia will cast a spell that reveals a hidden door. An eye above the door will ask a riddle. One of the scientists will try to answer but get it wrong, at which point the eye sets him ablaze.

Now it’s your turn. The eye will ask one of three riddles. The answers are below.

I’m seen to fly, described as hard. I can be your currency and heal all wounds, but not many things can stand my test.
Answer: Time

Pleasant or terrible, I come at night or in daytime. Short or long, but yours alone, essential, I am…
Answer: Dream

Capable of kindness and cruelty, I take victims when I sour. I can be on your side or wrong you. I bring gifts, though you already have me.
Answer: Fate

As you go through the next door you’ll see a group of Redanian Soldiers already investigating the room. Kill them and then pick up the Books on the tables for clues. Cynthia uncovers another riddle door. This time the riddle is much harder and three of you will need to stand in the right alcoves.

The riddle goes like this:

“A group of travellers wandering through the dark, three guides above them so three were marked, at night they trailed a Drake Serpentine,
And a silver lady, shining and fine, if only her Visage she would deign to unfold,
By day they followed a mountainside vault – its riches untold.”

You can ask your party members what they think about each parts of the riddle. The answers are The Dragon Constellation, The Full Moon and The Mine Entrance in the Mountainside.

After getting this riddle correct you’ll gain access to Dearhenna’s Laboratory. Unfortunately a Talking Golem still protects Dearhenna’s work. You’ll need to trick it somehow or fight with it. If you say the wrong thing and it attacks you it will spawn another 2 Golems to fight by its side.

To trick the Golem speak with it and be as non-invasive as possible. You need to pretend to be a guest. Don’t ask for its name or use Axii on the golem. To bring the golem to a paradox say that you are a guest, that you came to talk about lies and delusions and that only the master’s will exists. The golem will crumble.

Now you’re free to search the room. You should find 5 of Dearhenna’s Notes. While you’re searching the room Cynthia will dispel an illusion revealing a Megascope. Ask to try the device and you’ll be able to see what’s happening with one of your friends. You can only use the device once.

After the quest make your way back to the Tavern (3) to meet with Cynthia. You can find out why they were investigating the laboratory, and if you say the right things have some “fun time” with her.

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