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  1. Starting Point with Triss
  2. Starting Point with Roche or Iorveth
  3. Triss, Roche or Iorveth
  4.  Amphitheatre

This quest is a little different depending on who you went to save after the completing the initial quest and which path you are following. If you decided to save Triss you’ll meet either Roche or Iorveth at #1. If you went to get the dagger from Philippa (Iorveth path) or save Anais from Dethmold (Roche path) you’ll start at #2.

Make your way to the Amphitheatre Entrance (2) and meet either Triss, Roche or Iorveth depending on your path and whether or not you rescued Triss. Make your way to the Amphitheatre for a discussion with the Kings and Commanders. The story will be different depending on your choices up until this point. Whatever path you’ve taken they’ll converge here when Sile is picked up by the Dragon (Saskia) and taken to the top of a tower. This ends this quest and begins Enter the Dragon.

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