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  1. Manuscript
  2. Bras of Ban Ard
  3. Sewer Entrance
  4. Harpies

During your exploration of the ruins of Loc Muinne you’ll come across an ancient Manuscript (1). Not knowing what it is take it to an expert in the magic tomes, Bras of Ban Ard (2). He’ll tell you the origins of the scroll and that to unlock it you need certain rare ingredients, including Queen Endrega’s Pheromones and Warrior Nekker’s Blood. You’ll also need the Brain of a Bullvore and either a Rotfiend’s Tongue or a Harpy Egg.

If you don’t have the Bullvore Brain you can find 2 Bullvores near the Sewer Entrance (3). Once you have all the ingredients visit Bras of Ban Ard again and hand over the ingredients. He’ll unlock the scroll which is a Diagram for Caerme, the best steel sword in the game. Materials for crafting the sword are common.

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