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As in the previous chapters, chapter 3 has a unique set of armor that can only be crafted if playing on Dark difficulty. The Kinslayer’s Armor has the lifestealing ability which makes combat easier but it only works if you’re wearing the full set. If you only wear a few parts from the set it will cause damage until you take it off.

Kinslayer Armor Crafting Ingredients

Kinslayer Armor – 16x Hardened Leather, 2x Harpy Saliva, 6x Twine, 6x Harpy Feather, 18x Robust Cloth
KinslayerBoots – 4x Studded Leather, 6x Hardened Leather, 2x Robust Cloth, 4x Gargoyle Dust
Kinslayer Gauntlets – 6x Hardened Leather, 4x Robust Cloth, 2x Twine, 2x Gargoyle Dust, 2x Harpy Feather
Kinslayer Trousers – 4x Studded Leather, 1x Dragon Scales, 2x Robust Cloth, 4x Twine, 1x Troll Tongue
Weeper (Silver Sword) – 2x Iron Ore, 14x Silver Ore, 2x Timber, 4x Elemental Stone, 2x Blue Meteorite Ore
Mourner (Steel Sword) – 16x Iron Ore, 4x Leather, 2x Timber, 3x Gargoyle Dust, 2x Essence of Death

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