Khalkis Island

For this mission you have two objectives, capture the Allied Radar Dome and then secure the middle island. Deploy the MCV and then build a Power Plant, Ore Refinery and War Factory. There are gems just to the south of your starting position so you will gain credits a little faster.

Build an Airstip and use the Spy Plane to scout out the enemy base in the north and the central island. When you take over the Radar the Allied forces will start setting up a base on the island. Build around 15 Heavy Tanks and send them to the north and then east to find the Allied Base. They should have no trouble sweeping through it but watch out for Gun Boats and Destroyers in the water. Send in an Engineer to capture the Radar Dome.

When you’ve completed the first objective you’ll be given a second MCV. Build a Sub Pen and then enough Subs to clear out the water. Build a few Transports and send yout Tanks and MCV across to the central island. You can safely land on the south-western end of the island and set up a base there. Build a new Refinery and War Factory on the island. You may want to send across your Ore Trucks if the mainland has run out of resources.

Set the War Factory on the island as you primary building and continue building Tanks. Sweep across the island to the east and wipe out the Allied forces. When no Allied forces remain on the island the mission will be complete.

An alternative strategy, once you’ve taken the Radar Dome, is to build Airstrips and Yaks. You can use them to snipe the Allied Construction Yard, Refinery and other units, without needing to land on the island.

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